Affordable Cremation Service in Summit, NJ

People move to Summit, NJ, for the excellent schools, the spacious lots, and the combination of suburban living and easy access to New York City. They pursue careers in finance, biotechnology, medicine, manufacturing, real estate, and telecommunications. They raise their families in Summit, celebrate holidays together—and mourn together.

When a loved one dies, surviving family members can be overwhelmed with grief and feel confused about what to do next. Even when the person who has passed away left specific instructions behind, the actual logistics of the disposition of their body and the arrangements about what to do with the remains can be paralyzing. Apyre cremation services can help.

Apyre is there to ease the burden of making decisions during a time of sorrow and help families cope with the reality of costs. Families quickly discover that everything from the services of a funeral director to a casket or urn to a cemetery plot carries a price tag. Too often, grieving families succumb to sales pitches that push the notion that “nothing is too good” for their departed loved one.

And, inevitably, there is paperwork. Death certificates and next-of-kin signatures may be required before any type of funeral or memorial services can take place—and certainly prior to burial or cremation.

As experienced funeral directors providing cremation services for Summit, New Jersey, Apyre National Cremation Services helps grieving families with affordable cremation services. We provide what is known as direct cremation, where the deceased’s body is removed and taken directly to the crematorium. Ashes are prepared and delivered to the family usually within two to three days.

Apyre also takes care of all the required paperwork in your location, ensuring that the process moves forward without delay. And all arrangements can be made with a phone call, and we deliver the necessary documents for your digital signature via email. There is no need to travel to an office or visit the crematorium.

But our Summit cremation services are far from impersonal. Our licensed funeral director, Peter Chubenko, answers the phone at any time of day or night, speaking himself with all our clients, addressing any questions or concerns, and directing our team members who arrive within hours to collect your loved one’s body and transport it for cremation. Ashes are delivered to you—there is no need to come and collect them.

You can rely on Apyre for cremation services in Summit, New Jersey, that will be conducted with the utmost level of professionalism at an affordable cost. Invest your energy into spending time with your family, sharing happy memories, and planning a ceremony that will celebrate your loved one’s life. Apyre will take care of the disposition of the deceased’s body, the required paperwork, and the delivery of the cremains to the next of kin.