Kay Ann Pali Photo

Kay Ann Pali

Age: 79

Date of Death: May 16, 2024

Glen Mills, PA

Kay Ann Moore Pali (Bernal), age 79, formerly of Glen Mills, PA - left this earthly plane on May 16th, 2024. Daughter of Leon and LaDell Moore, Kay was born in Corpus Christi, Texas on July 2, 1944. Family lore describes Kay’s birth as a scene straight out of romance comedy. Leon surprised LaDell by being present at the birth of his first child as he was supposed to be on a ship to the Pacific Theater. She refused to let him in the room thinking she was aiding a wartime deserter. However, Leon was being held in the USA as a witness in a trial. LaDell eventually believed him and allowed him in the room to meet his first born. Kay was the eldest of her three sisters (Carol Moore Mills, or Austin TX - predeceased, and Dorothy Lu Moore Johnson, of Edna, TX) growing up in Lockhart, Texas. As a young child Kay battled polio during the infamous Texas Polio Years. She credited her recovery to the innovative doctor who insisted that she exercise rather than enter an iron lung. The other two children afflicted in Lockhart never left their iron lungs. While the polio weakened her, it did not stop Kay from marching in high school and for the Southwest Texas State College band. She played the alto saxophone while earning her BA in Elementary Education.. The highlight of her marching band days was marching in President Johnson’s inaugural parade. It was in college where Kay met her first husband, Edgar Bernal in a sociology course. The story goes that Edgar asked her for a dime. When she procured the requested dime, he told her to keep it so they could go to the dime movie that evening. When it came time to pick her up, Edgar forgot her name and was 2 hours late for the date. Kay and Edgar were married for 31 years before parting ways. They had 4 children together (Celenia Kufta, Yanaka Bernal, Stephen Bernal, and Alex Bernal). She recalled her time with Edgar as some of the most exciting and interesting of her life. In 1975, they moved the family of four to La Paz, Bolivia to help run Edgar’s family’s business. Kay found living in a new country challenging at times, but learned a new language, kept her family safe during political instability, and became a champion, high-altitude chef. Kay credited the support and love from her in-laws and Bernal family as her rock during her Bolivia days. Kay and Edgar returned to the United States in 1981 with a slightly larger family of six to bring business operations to global markets. They settled in Chadds Ford, PA. Kay loved travelling and fondly recollected meeting new people and seeing new places. Kay and Edgar travelled to China in the early 1980’s to source antimony metal. Kay was thrilled to walk along the Great Wall of China, and tour the Forbidden City. In total, Kay travelled to 6 continents and dozens of countries. Kay and Edgar separated in 1997. Kay met Sandor Pali in 2008. They married shortly after and moved to Florida. They were married for 14 years as residents in the Villages, Florida. Kay