Direct & Affordable Cremation Service in Fort Myers, FL

When the beachcombing and shell collecting days come to a close, families need professional, affordable, and compassionate services to help them manage the days immediately following a loved one’s passing. Apyre provides direct cremation services in Fort Myers, FL.

Our affordable cremation in Fort Myers means that, with one phone call, everything is arranged. Our licensed funeral director, Peter Chubenko, will discuss your needs and immediately dispatch a team member to your loved one’s location to retrieve their body and transport it to the crematorium. There’s no need for the family to travel to an office; everything can be handled over the phone and via email. The decedent’s ashes will be returned to the family within a matter of days.

Apyre obtains the necessary death certificates and makes it possible for the next of kin to sign the required paperwork digitally and return it via email. This way, the family can focus on planning a memorial or ash-spreading service.

Although Apyre’s Fort Myers cremation services are inexpensive, they are conducted with professionalism, respect, and grace. The cremains will be returned to the family in a container of their choosing for interment or scattering.

While we’re taking care of the details, you can inform family and friends, choose a date for a service or ceremony, pore over family photos, and share stories about your loved one’s accomplishments, passions, and influence on family and friends.