Direct Cremation Service in Davenport, FL

Davenport’s proximity to Orlando and the Disney resorts makes it an attractive choice for families and retirees. Contemplating the final weeks and days of life seems easier in Davenport, where the easy lifestyle and lovely weather make relaxation a way of life. But losing a loved one is never easy, and that’s where Apyre National Cremation Services can help.

Whether death is expected due to illness or aging, or sudden as the result of an accident or unpredictable ailment, Apyre’s direct cremation services unburden surviving spouses and families from the stress of paperwork and funeral planning. Our assistance allows them to sit with each other to grieve together and comfort one another.

With direct cremation, the deceased’s body is transported immediately to the crematorium. As this is taking place, Apyre obtains the necessary death certificates and transmits any paperwork that requires a next-of-kin signature via email to the family contact.

The proper person supplies a digital signature and emails the documents back to us. With our services, there’s no need to travel to a funeral home office. Families can choose urns and delivery methods online. The entire process, including the return of the departed’s ashes, takes less than a week.

Apyre’s cremation services in Davenport, FL, are conducted with professionalism, discretion, and respect. Families can feel confident that their loved one will be treated with dignity and the family’s privacy will be respected.

Many families choose to receive ashes in an urn or a container that enables scattering ashes in the location of their choosing. They may arrange a memorial service or an ash scattering ceremony to commemorate their loved one’s life and accomplishments while sharing memories of good times together.

Davenport’s Central Florida location makes scattering ashes at sea a possibility if the family finds it appropriate and comforting. Apyre can direct you to the regulations that govern sea scattering off the Florida coast if that’s what the family chooses.

With Apyre’s direct cremation services in Davenport, FL, you can relax knowing your loved one is being cared for in the most professional, respectful manner while you and your family focus on remembering and honoring them.